Fresh episode of Music Intelligence podcast full of divine vocals of Charli Brix, Tali any many more. 21 gently picked tracks from the last month mixed with love. Please listen and enjoy!

Track list:
1 Suddenly (feat. Charli Brix) Tephra & Arkoze Dispatch
2 Polar Subtension C4C
3 After the rain Stunna Free DL
4 I Remember (SpectraSoul remix) Ady Suleiman Pemba
5 Cold Earth Mohican Sun Integral
6 Keepsake Ben Soundscape & Paramount feat. Tali Intrigue
7 Somewhere out There Andrezz Liquid V
8 Imaginary Enemies Paramount feat. Tali Intrigue
9 Where Is the Sun Joe Ford Shogun
10 Kaleidoscope [Hybrid Minds Remix] Jareth Moonshot
11 Scrambled Thoughts Andrezz Liquid V
12 Love For All BANXE Boy In The Basement
13 Veto Need For Mirrors Program
14 Thing Changes (Zero T Remix) Gunston Hyperactivity
15 Is This Real (Zero T Remix) Artificial Intelligence Integral
16 Lucid Flower VIP Bert H Fokuz
17 The Ride Serum Rampage
18 Goodbye Dub Berzerka Celsius
19 Justify (feat. Terri Walker) [Phil:osophy Remix] Artificial Intelligence Integral
20 Deeper Vibe Fluidity Metalheadz
21 Beatnik Monika Soulvent


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