There are not many labels in the Continental Europe in comparison with the UK. Especially when we compare the amount of them with the size of particular countries. For example France with its almost 70 million people has only a few D&B labels which deserve our attention. We can only guess what´s the reason of this fact – and if we are wrong, convince us otherwise. But Vandal Records founded in 2004 by SKS definitely belongs to those, which are on the top.

This label is based in seaside town Toulouse, where is probably the strongest French D&B scene today (if you travel there, don´t hesitate to visit famous Le Bikini club). It is good tradition, that this label releases various artists’ compilation called Modern Soul every year since 2015. In the beginning of July the 5th episode of this great series alighted and we felt the duty to look at it.

Modern Soul LP 5 consists of 14 tracks by different artists. The whole thing is conceived as a balanced combination of soulful production and heavier wing-footed D&B. The best tracks of the first part of this spectrum include Glimpse by Sardinian producer ArpXP, who delivers genuine vibes of Mediterranean shores. Or chill track Love Rain by London based Mark Dinimal (did you know, that Dan Hartley stays also behind the project Data 3 with the Harry Bryson, one half of Shogun Audio heavyweights Pola & Bryson, and a mysterious third member?). But the track which forced us to put it on the list high enough to play on repeat is absolutely clear: String Therapy by Villem and Zero T in completely brilliant remix of Arcatype. More strings like this, please!

Fans of quicker rollers will surely find pleasure in Short Language by Amoss or Monty´s track Canopy. Monty Brimley, native of Toulouse, never disappoints us and you can distinguish his sound among many others with your eyes closed. Just check it out.

There are some tracks which are quite melancholic. Your Love by Invadhertz with its smooth bassline and little bit mournful melody is pretty good to listen to, when you sit by the open window, right before the night summer storm and thinking of that special someone, who is in your heart.

This compilation is worth to listen to, and you can find out, that this way of forming LP is not boring at all. On the contrary, it is as interesting, as box of chocolates. There are pieces, that you just have to taste once again and pieces that are easy to live without. And that’s okay. The only thing we can regret is that there are only few French producers on Modern Soul 5. Anyway – we can be grateful to hear quality music from République Française.

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