This year, Lenzman outrunned Santa and gave us some shiny presents just before Christmas. The first of them was released on November 28, when another of his legendary mixes came out, which was again accompanied by his friend Dan Stezo. NQ State Of Mind Mix is one from a series of mixtapes that they have been publishing together for several years. Maybe you have your favorite mixtape too (if not, you should fix it – we wrote about all mixtapes here).

The second gift is a successful compilation, released together with the mix. It has the same name NQ State Of Mind Vol. 1 and received a decent vinyl press. One of our good habits is that we are looking at everything that comes out on The North Quarter label. The reason is simple: to miss the production of this workshop would be as foolish as to miss the Bethlehem star, which will appear in the sky in a few days. The compilation is actually very similar to it, even here it consists of conjunctions of several quantities. Satl‘s track All My Life was remixed by New Zealand producer Tokyo Prose. He didn’t take away from Steo’s vocals and he’s still standing on the perfect piano. Have you ever wondered how close soulful dnb is to jazz?

Echo Brown took care of the remix of the track Daydreaming by Submorphics. Beautifully electrifying shift of a great track from the American master of cool beats is a delicacy. It will please the ear of everyone who likes storytelling in music. A gradual beginning, a pull into the action, a conclusion and an end, as we like it.

Integrity is something that characterizes the whole selection. Because every light thing needs to be supplemented with something a little darker to keep the world in balance, Anile contributed to the compilation with his track Juno’s Position. Bassline rushes like a well-oiled locomotive, you’re leaning out of a wagon window and enjoying the ride. For us, one of the best things that appeared on the record.

We’ll leave the rest to you. Just play it yourself nicely from start to finish. Whether you’re baking cookies, cooking a punch, or just waiting for real snow, it’s worth it. Lenzman told UKF recently: “The idea started with the mix. The concept was just a mix of label exclusive material and I wanted to have a few exclusives for it. I had no idea I’d end up with nine. ” We are glad that there is still so much in stock in the Netherlands. After all, the country is famous for being full of excellent traders. And Mr. Lenz is definitely one of them. He has almost no competition among the dealers with the finest music.


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