Few bits from new Nu:tone’s album, amazing compilation Point Of Origin Vol. 4, first single from incoming Paul T and Edward Oberon album, divine stuff from Pola & Bryson and also GLXY, flashback with Sonic & Makoto and lot of newcomers. Enjoy!

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Track list:
# Track Title Artist
1 Under ft. Lauren Archer Pola & Bryson
2 Sensory Division Dimension
3 Move On (feat. Nia Archives) Zeitgeist
4 Glooming Mindloader
5 No Quick Fixes (feat. Pete Simpson) Nu:Tone
6 Archie Holmes Archie Holmes
7 New Soul GLXY
8 Tearing Soul Sonic & Makoto
9 True Seba & Emily Harkness
10 Fire Away Maduk
11 In a Different World Rowpieces
12 Rise Amante
13 The North Shore Ben Soundscape
14 Need 2 B Blacklab
15 Dirty Funk Simple Souls
16 Somewhere Else Paul T & Edward Oberon
17 Electric Wires Phaction & Leo Wood
18 Sleepwalker (feat. Charlotte Haining) Nu:Tone
19 Land of the Lost Souls ft. Krissy Twigge SoulMotion & Vector
20 All I Need Halflight
21 In My Head Deploy

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