The booklet of the new compilation from the Hospital Records label, which was released on March 26, 2021, consists of 25 fields. They bear the logo of this legendary label, its variations or symbols that characterize the famous factory for immortal tunes. Already for 25 years. That’s why 25 tracks appear on the line-up. They illustrate the diversity Tony Colman’s musical empire grew into, over that period of time.

The very first track will delight anyone, who loves the work of Nu:Tone, one of the oldest members of the Hospital Records ensemble. Written by Garry Glenn and originally performed by Al Hudson & The Soul Partners in the 1970s, Lenny Fontana then covered the upbeat classic in 1999 and introduced it to the world of dance music with his house rendition. The infamous Nu:Tone remix came in 2010 and became a huge hit. The veteran from Tokyo has now taken it and made a bold cover. Reminiscent of the good old days, it has a fresh coat and an almost orchestral set. Makoto is unstoppable and this release is actually just a small taste of what is going on on Colman’s label (we won’t tell you anything else at the moment – we can only recommend, that you look forward to the beginning of April!).

You might argue that some things just shouldn’t be played with. You would be unnecessarily prudish. London producer Flava D definitely succeeded, when she dug through perhaps the biggest oldschool piece from Netsky called Memory Lane.  The legendary Beautiful Lies from B-Complex got a similar opportunity to show its timelessness. It was taken care of by a resident of Sao Paolo, who is an uncompromising expert on remixes. Hopefully your home amplifier can handle a good dose of L-Side bass.

We must also appreciate the presence of a new generation, which is certainly not just messing around. The dreaded hit from Kings Of The Rollers appears on the compilation, whose track Shella was perfectly tuned by Halogenix. The whole puzzle thus perfectly shows many directions in which the genre is heading. There is also a space for other successful artists from the ranks of one born earlier, who have already rightly found their place on the label. There are more than enough examples. Hugh Hardie, whose Tearing Me Apart  was remixed by Bop and Subwave, Degs, whose 4 Days were drawn by Grafix or Etherwood, whose unforgettable The Time Is Here At Last was remixed by our favorite Mitekiss. In each case, it is a proof that the new stuff is here, thanks to what preceded it.

This compilation can be enjoyed by everyone. Older ravers may spin the dusty boards at home again. Younger listeners may discover one period, thanks to which they still enjoy as much fun today as ever before. One thing is certain. If the album was to show how wide the possibilities D&B represents for creation, then it definitely worked out. The selection of individual tracks and those who had the honor to improve them was conscientious and VA – H25PITAL definitely deserves its place with you. Just in case, the next visitors ask you, what is the D&B.

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