There are only a few hours left until the end of 2020 and it is time for us to look back. It is difficult to assess whether the global change of epochs has also manifested itself in music production, but we cannot doubt one thing. The year has been extremely fruitful for the music, and despite the amount of ballast that we sometimes need to go through, we still have something to return to. We bring you another selection of the best 10 D&B albums, which have found their way into our hearts and anchored in the audio library of our editorial office. Albums are sorted alphabetically.

Alix Perez – Without End

You can argue that this is not a full-fledged LP and we don’t care. The record is so great that we would be ashamed if we didn’t mention it. Alix plunged into the softest waters, where he fished out pearls, which he gently cleaned, and let all the colors of the rainbow stand out on a necklace of 8 pieces. Find more information in our deep review here.

Calibre – Shelflife Six

We expect every Calibre record with bated breath, and it has not yet happened that we regret it. Although spewing them like on a treadmill, the last one is still very contemplative and was created as a work of extraordinary consistency, sophistication and a unique concept of the 175bpm genre. If you want to introduce someone to their secrets, this year is in your favor and you can start right here. You can find more about this album in our review here.

Camo & Krooked – Red Bull Symphonic

When we say “Camo …”, you say “… Krooked!”. There is no need to introduce this pair. An exceptional connection with the internationally renowned Viennese orchestra may seem like a contempt for classical music, but the opposite is true. After all, musical instruments are a means of spreading joy, fun and energy. That’s exactly why we love these guys. Find detailed review of this project here.

Degs – Letters From Ndegwa

The prince’s debut album from Hospital Records certainly did not disappoint. From the moment we heard Poveglia, we knew that the best was yet to come. Ndegwa is a kenyan name of kikuyu origin of males who are seen as tough, strong, courageous and charming. And Andy – at least judging by the music – certainly is one of them.

GLXY – Research & Development

What distinguishes average producers from real artists? Ability to define your own handwriting. And that’s definitely Jonathan Campbell and Thomas Alston. Their debut album is absolutely stunning. If you had accidentally missed it, fix it immediately. You can find detail review of this LP here.

Netsky – Second Nature

The darling of world festivals recorded another album, again as colorful as the genre itself. From dancefloor bombs, through the mainstream to a few heavy projectiles. Working with names like Subfocus, Hybrid Minds, Rudimental or Urbandawn has to be a joy also for Boris himself.

Redeyes – Selfportraits

How many D&B producers from France can you name? Write down the nickname Redeyes in your diary. Because his fourth album is a window opened to the soul of its creator. Julien Salvi’s modesty is not only shown in his appearance, but also in his work. It is delicate, kind, doesn’t pretend to be anything else and crosses the boundaries of everyday life. A combination you just won’t find elsewhere. Find self made album length music video on his Youtube channel.

Submorphics – Kodak Dreams

The only representative from the land of Uncle Sam in our selection this year. Just like Eminem, he has Detroit in his veins, and it is pretty noticeable. He is interspersing the top soulful tracks with a number of hip-hop interludes. A surprise for all those who mistakenly assume that these genres are just too far from each other. They are not. In Fusions We Trust.

The Vanguard Project – The Vanguard Project

Willem and BCee, that’s a couple to remember.. They seem to be doing great together and after dozens of EP´s they kicked out the first LP. They lead in our selection with the number of tracks, of which there are 26. As for the fact that we know some of them from previous years, it does not detract from their quality. We wonder what Steve and Andrew will throw at us in 2021.

Workforce – Late Night Soundtrack

This year brought one big disappointment: the duo Spectrasoul is gone. But before it officially happened, his half Jack Stevens managed to release his second solo album. And we were relieved. The typical elaborate sound mixed with the right dose of dark melancholy did not die. You can find detail review of this album here.

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